Saturday, September 12


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For a little while yet, there are those who can mount expeditions to the golden age … which will exist until their memories don’t. When time will not check wither… nostalgia can try.


Andreas said...

Hmm ... somehow this does not convince me, and that's why: If I'm not wrong, there is a falloff in sharpness from the first car to the second. This would be appropriate, because the second is behind, but then: the second is bigger. Then there is the text. It's sharpest of all, but it is completely in the back, as it is partially hidden.

I know that you know all that and most likely had an intention in making it that way, but I didn't get the message. Could be me, but as nobody of the usual suspects comments either, I guess this could be a shared problem.

In general I like the idea, I like the colors, I like the pyramid structure, I am only not sure how to fix what irritates me. Maybe blurring the yellow car a little more would increase the effect of the wrong depth information in the text to a point where it would not look wrong any more?

John Roberts said...

Anything with cars from the 30s-50s is cool!