Sunday, September 13

Hot Fall Award!

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YIPPEEE! After half a century of doing photographic-visual art ---- DISCOVERED! ME! Lovvit!

Not enough exclamation points left in my quiver. Sorry. But it is very cool to be included among the world's top 35 Undiscovered Photographers. Thanks to Andreas Manessinger for bringing my work to the attention of the judges at the popular EpicEdits Forum.

And I'm number six on a list that is not alphabetical. Top Ten! Um... did I say... YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


Bill Birtch said...

Congratulations Ted. More well deserved accolades for the master. Now is there some way you can rub this in the face of those folks who rejected your work a short time ago ago? Revenge is SWEEEET you know.

Ángel Corrochano said...

Ted congratulations, I believe that you have it very deserved. Your work is amazing.

Warm greetings

Stephen said...

The way to go Ted, goodonya.

Barry Armer said...

Congratulations Ted on the well deserved recognition!

I "discovered" you a long time ago! Does that make me smarter than (I think so!) :-)

Andreas said...

He he, sorry for having you exposed to an Organic Crowd :)

But really, there are quite amazing images in Brian's post, don't you think so? I still have to wade through, but even upon first glance some are breathtaking.

J. L. T. said...

C.o.n.g.r.a.t.u.l.a.t.i.o.n. Master Ted!! Happy for you and for sweet Andreas´ Choice! *pling*