Saturday, September 26

Town House

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Some people collect stamps. The Landis Valley Museum collects buildings. They pluck them from the past and set them off in their fields to capture the aura of centuries of mystery. It's one of Pennsylvania's least known museums... and it's just around the corner from my gym. Lancaster County's littered with intriguing feelings.


Markus Spring said...

Here in Bavaria, museums that collect old houses, here farm houses, are numerous and quite popular. Even one of the skiing olympic champions has opened one. Many of those museums target families and offer courses in old crafts.
Your interpretation of that museum scenery works for me - that abstraction helps concentrate on the shapes of the houses itself and removes the visual clutter sometimes found in those places.

OT.: Ted, the link to my blog has changed: "spring2life" now lives on Please be so kind and correct the link.

Andreas said...

Carinthia has one of them as well. Ever since I began photographing, I wanted to go there and make a nice series of images, but I always forget :)

Gelfoto said...

Simply spectacular. A very pictorial processing and a dramatic light. This image has much force

Warm greetings

J. L. T. said...

Wonderful houses and breathtaking process! Have a nive week, Ted!

Ted said...

Whoa.... moving houses to display them is common in Europe! COOOOOL! Incidentally I sort of moved this house to bring it into line with the mansion up hill. It seemed appropriate, eh?