Friday, September 4


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Where do you go when every place else has tossed you out?



J. L. T. said...

This is brilliant, Ted! Ugly, unfriendly, smelly in beauty! Have a nice weekend!

Andreas said...

Love it. Well, all but the halo along the sky edge going up. Sorry, that's irritating and takes away from my illusion of being there.

Otoh: who wants to be there :))

Ted said...

(JLT)Yes...YESSSSS! You can smell this, right? Thanks... I did it!!!

(Andreas) Um, what halo? Heh heh heh.. You were right, very sloppy of me. It shoulda been fixed. It has been. BTW... while I emphasized the dynamic range of the sky... it is as it was... portentous.

Andreas said...

Yup, just like on the afternoon of doomsday. Great job :)

Ángel Corrochano said...

Brilliant, as always, it makes an impression and it moves to return to see these beautiful processings.
I am of return of vacations
Warm greetings

P.D. It asked to me for Peru. Lamentably I have not traveled to that country. If I have visited the plateau in Chile and Bolivia, and I assure to him that it is a wonder. I believe that the plateau in Peru is worthy to visit and by all means the Machu Pichu. It will be a next trip. Spirit

Stephen said...

Like this Ted.

Ted said...

(Angel) I look forward to Machu Pichu and hope I can meet a Peruvian photographer who will help me plan. Thanks for your compliments.
(Ángel) miro adelante a Machu Pichu y esperanza que puedo encontrar a un fotógrafo peruano que me ayude a planear. Gracias por sus cumplidos.