Wednesday, September 9

...this kid will pay for it.

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Am watching President Obama tell America why one seventh of the economy needs to be taken-over by the government. Why $500 billion of the payment for the take-over must come from senior citizen care. He explained that he can find this amount in wastage. I've heard government explain how it was going to pay for so much through increased efficiencies. It's not ever happened in my lifetime, so I'm skeptical that this $500 billion will come from waste.

The thing is that policy makers must choose between access and quality unless they can find large amounts of additional health care dollars. If 46 million additional people will lay claims against the existing amount of health care resources, then someone will have to determine who gets what. That rationing... if not done by price... will be done by panels. And if the amount available is specifically reduced by $500 bilion to senior citizens who use the most health care... then those panels will disproportionately ration health care away from the needs of the elderly. Death panels?

Last time the President spoke he promised that government control of health care would decrease costs... tonight he promises us budget neutrality. That means no cost increases. What's next?

There's nothing I can do about any of this. As an economist, I'm terrified. I am going to go and buy a bunch of gold since the first victim of all of this will have to be the dollar. And ... and... As I watch and worry... I'm doing pictures as distractive therapy. And it seems as if the face of youth... who will get the bills for all of this... resonates most strongly with me.

There will be a wave of fury whipping across the land tomorrow. No two waves. They will collide. I hate this.



Ángel Corrochano said...

They notice until the brush-strokes. It is incredible. Very good Congratulations

Warm greetings

Stephen said...

The same here in Australia Ted, the same here.

bikejohn said...

Well said Ted. And it's not really even about finding additional dollars. If we start making health care free, people will use it more. We don't have enough health care professionals now, where are we going to get more? You can't attract more resources with fewer dollars. Care will have to be rationed. Remember when people used to have something called a 'major medical' policy? It stopped people from going to the doctor when they had a cold, but it covered them when they were really sick. If we really want universal care in this country (and I'm not truly sure that we do) that would be a much more rational approach.

Barry Armer said...

Nice photo Ted and I feel your pain on Obamacare! Dumbest idea since...well...since bailouts!


Andreas said...

Uhh, c'mon! I really hate it when you do propaganda, and especially with an image that's so good :)

Kids of his age have paid with their lives in Iraq, and they did it for the bottom lines of W's and Cheney's buddies in the war, supply and oil industry. There's pretty much that Obama will have to do wrong until he can play in their ranks!

Death panels! I had hoped that this could only have been a one-time lapse of the twisted mind of Mrs Palin.

But the image is really good. Grrrr, hate it :)