Wednesday, October 8


There's a difference between the artist and craftsman. "The artist," it's said, "Does not picture things as they are."

And here's the virgin image directly from my FlashCard... Comments?


Jan Klier said...

I would agree with that statement, however I would have used different labels.

I would have said that the artist starts with a vision and uses tools to reflect that vision. The craftsman is a master of the tools to the point where he can take reality and make it incorporate a vision. And then there's the technician who understands how to use the tools, but is stuck in reality.

I use this with the PPA certifications in mind which has as its highest degree the Master Craftsman Photographer, who are some very accomplished portrait and nature photographers. The technician on the other hand is your average GWC.


John Roberts said...

Excellent point, Ted. The artist usually doesn't attempt to merely reproduce reality, but rather, his own personal vision of his subject. Why does it seem that so few viewers of photography understand that?

Ted said...

(Jan) How interesting that you distinguish three categories: Craftsperson, Technician, and Artist. I'm confused re. the difference between the first two. They seem to have so much overlap that the definitions conflate in my mind. Help!

(John) Nice interpretation. I suppose so few viewers don't understand that because they don't have to. Viewing itself is at least a craft, and perhaps an art.

Stacey Huston said...

Ted, I love visiting here. Your artistic ability with photos is amazing.. I promised a friend that I would take some pictures of her newborn and will have to come back here when I am done for some inspiration... thanks for sharing