Saturday, October 18

Sarah Came Today

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This morning Sarah Palin came to Lancaster. 10,000 folks poured into Clipper Stadium. I wonder how you recover from this sort of thing? I mean Mrs. Palin. If this is the high point in her life, how will she handle the end of her fifteen minutes of fame? There were jumpers in the crowd. You've seen them at rock concerts. People who look as if they are well past the point of having to go potty. They're so excited that they leap about in place clutching their signs or autograph books. Every so often they scream. The same thing's happening at Senator Obama's rallies. It's exciting to watch all of these people so wrapped up on an enthralling moment of ecstasy. It spits all over you, as if a water sprinkler's come on and abruptly you're all covered with the stuff. There were two gorgeous young women, probably college age, standing against a fence. Each had such a wonderfully warm smile in the golden fall sun. And each wore a pink badge with simple text that read.... "It's A girl." And after he speech the crowd sighed into her. They were gentle yet demanding. They wanted to congratulate, to thank, to weep, to laugh. They wanted autographs and they wanted her to smile at them.

Before I went there this morning I met three friends who are hairstylists. The women are all Democrats and were staunch Hillary supporters. Now they are supporting Sarah. They each hope to see a woman in the White House. It is much their dream as Obama's promise resonates with my African American friends. One of those women said, "She's so bright Ted. She's raised five kids, been on television, been a mayor, now she's a governor. She's tangled hard with her own party and she's negotiated with the toughest oil companies in the world. And yet the supporters of Obama claim none of this is important. Everything we've dreamed to be able to do, she's done. And they dismiss all of it, even though their guy's done none of it. He's never met a payroll, never done a budget, never run anything. They're treating her... like... like... a girl. Well, she's more than that, so are we. And... and... have you seen her smile. It doesn't hurt," the woman said to me with a strong look on her face.... "Doesn't hurt that she's beautiful. Right?"

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Andreas said...

Isn't it always hard to judge propaganda? Some subjects lend themselves so well to it and some ... not so well. And there is always the intrinsic tendency to dismiss the viewer's intelligence. Let's say it's a fine job - on your part :)