Wednesday, October 29

And Then Came The Senator

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Pennsylvania is a battleground state in this Presidential election. When our local TV stations take advertising breaks there are, like, frequently three minutes of the senator's ads in a row. It's as if everything is being brought to us by Him. The whole world and everything in it are sort of a gift he's giving us. It's an unusual kind of experience, you know what I'm saying here?

So anyway, when he stopped by for one of his many speeches, I stood there surrounded by buddies, each taking pictures of Him. The crowd was enthralled. We all snapped dozens of images. But strangely when we compared them later... Well, it seemed hard to make out anything sharp. For that matter in lots of the pictures all we got was glowing light. But as far as any details... Nope. Just grainy impressions.

My equipment's worked fine since... What do you make of that?

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Barry Armer said...

Hello Ted!

Maybe the Senator is never really completely still, always, just under the surface, a little shifty?

Just a theory.