Sunday, October 26

When Christmas Came

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Today's the deadline for entries to a holiday juried show at the Lancaster Museum of Art. It's open to all media. the constraints? Images must have to do with the holidays, and the region. I decided to go very small here. This image is printed on a 5X7" paper. The jpg loses a lot of the impact of the print. Not sure why the dynamic range of jpgs are so lightened when I shift from rgb to srgb. Anybody know? At any rate the original pops better than this image does here.

Hoping for the best but frankly, I'm not certain that this really captures everything I'd like. Unfortunately I forgot about the deadline, only remembering late on Sunday. I'll let you know.


theo said...

i really like this image Ted i think you will do well if you ask me. nice color pallet and mood.

Ted said...

Not bad for 5X7, the image was accepted and brought the museum about $180. That's happy making, right?