Thursday, October 16


As promised, I've taken this one down.


Andreas said...

In what exact way did he lie? Did he? Could it be possible that it was not so much a matter of truth but of opinions?

Barry Armer said...

Hello Ted!
I feel your pain! From my perspective Barak Obama is on the wrong side of virtually every issue.
Surely this man was raised in some America-hating socialist country and he is only able to run for President becasue no one bothered to check his birth certificate to verify his citizenship?

Don't you know how to tell if a politician is lying: His lips are moving!

God help us all!

bikejohn said...

Unfortunately we are faced with a choice between two politicians who will in effect do the same thing. Both will dramatically increase the size and scope of the federal government, though perhaps Mr Obama will take if further and faster. Either way it means less freedom for you and me. And with all these new programs he is promising how is Mr Obama going to reduce my taxes?

Ted said...
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Ted said...

(Andreas) Most of them lie. I have just never, in all of my years seen any politician do it with such brazen impunity. It went beyond startling me. I am old enough to distinguish between an ambiguous opinion and a deliberate assertion of the factually untrue. We are all entitled to our own opinions.. not to our own facts.

When one is presented with an untruth one has to ask if the presenter is a fool or a knave. In this instance the liar is not a fool. The best face I can put upon it is that he concludes the ends justify the means. Since he will be elected to office in a couple of weeks, I hope he is right.