Saturday, October 11

The News

Yep the news is distracting. However the value that we place upon things has not changed, just their monetary descriptions. Only for those who have valued stuff for its price tag... only for those people is the present situation truly alarming. My wife, my dog, our home, our friends, these photos... and so much more are worth no more or less to me at this moment than thye were a moment ago and will probably be worth more in the moments to come. Maybe I'll find a way to express this as an image, perhaps not.

There's an economic expression which is worth understanding just now. It's "The Monetary Veil". Too often we categorize things by their position on a dollar/euro/whuddever scoreboard. Even people, wondering how much someone makes for a living. Sometimes we're fortunate to pierce that monetary veil and see the reality on the other side.

We'll leap this financial chasm that's appearing in front of us on the TV and in the papers. But as we steel our nerves to jump, it's valuable to look around at everything on this side and see it denuded from some monetary number... and actually value the worth of the things beneath that coverlet before they're all tricked out once again in price tags.

NOTE: If you want to read my take on the causes of this economic malais.... In my other - real - world, I have a published article on the causes you can find if you Click here


Bill Birtch said...

Thanks for saying what I've been thinking Ted. I just got home after spending the day out shooting on what could be called a perfect day - seventy degrees, sunny, a gentle breeze, the trees on fire in reds, oranges and yellows and it didn't cost me a cent nor can I put a price on it. Screw the markets and all the rest of it, nothing could spoil a day like today. It's a long weekend here, Thanksgiving and the weather, we've been told, is just gonna get better as it progresses. Life is good and there's so much to be thankful for. Enjoy your weekend.

Barry Armer said...

Well said Ted!

Craig Tanner said...

Hi Ted,

Thank you for this article.... its dead on and does a great job in an extremely simple way of describing the problem. And a huge thank you to you for the continual inspiration of your art....Craig