Friday, December 28

Little Shot - Pittsburgh at Seventh

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In most towns you're a big shot towering over the little guys. In most towns when your sinewy, durable, and flashy - they get out of your way. In most towns you stand above the crowd, even look down upon most.

But not in the BIG TOWN. Not in the cities with major league teams, symphonies, and ballets. Not in the cities which drove America to greatness. Not where metals met finance all tempered in white hot Bessemer cauldrons. You've left most towns Baby... here in the port city you're cute, perhaps charming. Yeah, you get noticed, even hold your ground. But here you share even the smallest spotlights. In BIG TOWN you're not even part of the skyline.

Yeah, in most towns at your size you'd be a big shot, here in the canyons, your shot's a lot more little.


Trub said...

Ted, are you talking to the building or to the lady in the seat accross from me on the train? Seems approriate in either case.

John Roberts said...

I love these kinds of photos contrasting old architecture with new. I'm glad when cities have the foresight to keep some of the older buildings around. They add to the uniqueness of any city. The night-time lighting makes this shot even more dramatic. Well done!

Ted Byrne said...

(Trub) Ah the lure of ladies on the train. Odd how they can distract a guy who's got little more to do to sit and pretend they're not shimmering there in your peripheral vision.

(John) Cities were supposed to be Jetson places of crystal and chrome laced together with flying cars. What the futurists of the 40s, 50s, and 60swho told us that forgot where the muscles of the little guys who just won't go away. It's not so much that architects ran out of vision or ability - what the ran out of was space.