Tuesday, December 18

Florence #21: Masques

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We like to change ourselves. Here in America there's outrage over the medical addition of bodily bulk of baseball players. The outrage is being reported on 24 hour news channels by anchor girls through lips packed with chemically enhanced bulk, set in faces tightened by medically enhanced surgeries, sitting atop the medically enhanced bulk of twin, um... installations.

Okay... okay... when male athletes add bodily bulk to enhance their economic power, that's such a baaaaaad example to youth that they need to be fired, ruined, reviled, and jailed. Meantime when Miss Universe alumni become starlets, newsbabes, or denizens of single bars... that's ... that's... Well that's simply the result of the healthy example of Barbi dolls. Right?

It is so confusing. But people like to change themselves. We like masques. Costumes. Fantasy. As long as the changers aren't hiding behind steroid disguises, right?


Brian Bastinelli said...

Very interesting commentary Ted. Seems to me to be right on target.

I understand why a society looks up to these folks, but seriously...

There are many hard working people out there who live honest, clean lives, who think nothing of sacrificing for others who can be looked upon as examples of how to lead ones life.

But there is no news coverage of them, no paparazzi, and no controversy, nothing for the public to eat up.

Interestingly, another mask that most hide behind is their disdain for the people you mentioned. If everyone hates those types so much how can they be so popular? How can the coverage of them be one of the largest businesses in the world?

No one really wants to be seen as a consumer of all that it celebrity and reality and oogle at the feet of these inflated superstars of their respected genres.

Yet more people than not have to be doing so or they wouldn't exist at all...

Interesting point to discuss Ted!

By the way I do like this image as well. Nicely shot and processed.

pnfphotography said...

I find great truth in your statement and hope that I reinforce being good and beautiful from the inside being far more important than the exterior one poses. As always Ted thought provoking.