Sunday, December 2

Florence 12 • Duomo 2• Tunnel Morning

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Sprinkled about the Renaissance City of Florence are tunneled sidewalks. As I'm facing into this one, the Duomo's piazza is to my right and behind me. This is attached to a building at one end and the pathway will eventually lead through streets down to the Arno River. This is a public way. Look at the grandeur. Even in the first lights of morning it hints at the depths of the artistic wealth of this city. How many of us take a walk like this to the office, eh?

Incidentally, this is part of my Mano-A-Mano shoot with Andreas. What's that, look below.


As many of you may recall I visited Italy during the first two weeks of October staying the first week in Rome and then for a week in Florence where I met up with Andreas Manessinger for a Mano-A-Mano photoshoot at sunrise on October 7 starting at the famed Duomo and working our way toward the astonishing Ponte Vecchio bridge (yes I know that is redundant). You can begin this Italian adventure chronologically by clicking here and working your way quickly forward. Of course your thoughts and feelings mean a whole lot so feel free to wade in at any or every point.

Or if you prefer click on the appropriate keywords below. Clicking on Mano-A-Mano will bring you to my images from the series I did with Andreas which I've so far posted. Enjoy....


John Roberts said...

I find I'm often hesitant to take risks like framing the way you framed this one. Then I see an image like this, and it encourages me to step out of my box a little more.

advman said...

Wow, need I say I love it :-?

And the colors! Oh Goodness, that's a fantastic image. I haven't been in there since 1993. Reminds me that I should get back soon. It's not so far after all.

Well, my own effort on images from Florence is quite stuck at the moment. I've had hardware problems (turned out to be a defective memory chip) and this week I'll have to make preparations for an event that I'll be announcing in a week or two :)

Again: what an image!


Ted Byrne said...

(John) It puzzles me when I post an image on a forum for critique and most of the commentators focus upon a frame. Of course it's led me to posting on those sites without simple framing like this (if the matte is that of which you are writing) and just posting the picture to avoid that distraction. However, I think that mattes do form an important part of the presentation. They say, "I'm finished. This is what my creator intended. You can look at me now... please."

(Andreas) Uh-oh, hope that you lost none of the Duomo shoot in Florence. That would be tragic.

advman said...

Nope. I didn't lose anything. That's the beauty of having two computers in two locations :)


John Roberts said...

I really didn't pay attention to the frame or mat around the photo, I was speaking of the canted composition. I'm generally a "straight up and down, keep the horizon horizontal" kinda guy. I normally wouldn't tilt the camera like you did on this one, but it works well here. That's what I was commenting on.