Wednesday, December 19

Florence #22: Plugged!

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What's this plugging up? Why plug it like this? That was a big effort, right? But look at the arch that's still exposed. That was a big effort as well, right? And to plug the portal but not the arch... a bigger effort yet. Hmmmm.....

Someone recently wondered to me whether a desire is the same as a right. Because if there is a desire to plug up a channel of communication, is there also a right to do it? I guess it sort of depends, huh? Upon whether the person who has the desire, also has a gun. Or at least a big guy who's got a gun... backing him up. You got enough big guys and you can plug up almost anything, and leave the evidence of your work tauntingly behind. A lot like this stoppered doorway and its ancient arch.

Yep, makes you wonder what was so important to plug, eh?


Debra Trean said...

This is one unique piece and it does make me wonder. LOL... wild image and thought provoking as always!! I have enjoyed meeting you and growing to know you through your work Ted...thank you for the supportive spirit you have always shared with me. I am most thankful - deb

Brian Bastinelli said...

This is a very cool image Ted. When i look at it I keep thinking of some sort of metaphorical doorway or maybe a continuum into another dimension.

This woman seems like she might be slipping into it as if we would watch her disappear if she were to go further forward.

Don't know where she's about to go, but I'd love to find out.