Sunday, March 1

The Second Largest Fantasy

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There are studies which show that the second most frequent fantasy of both men and women is time travel. And overwhelmingly the travelers want to explore history. They want to walk yesterday's streets.

I'm guessing that's why cities try to preserve large swatches of their downtowns. They're like living Disney Worlds. I call them 'squint streets'. You know, if you squint into the light just right, well you can can imagine that abruptly people are dressed differently. That the signs, and streets morph back into time. And... and... see... see... I have not squinched my eyes to peer back reeeeeely far, just to the 30s in Florence. But I'm guessing the next time you walk through this place, you can squint yourself way back farther, eh?

Once again, I've posted here the virgin images direct from my memory cards. The first was taken with my old Canon 20D through the 17-85mm at f6.3 at 1/100. The ISO was 800. It was still early morning at around 8:05 looking generally northeast. The 1930s Ford pickup truck is a utilitarian beauty. Built Ford-Tough when that meant something - these babies worked their way through the depression on both sides of the Atlantic.

And the street wending it's way through Florence has watched vehicles evolve for hundreds of years. Not sure what car's actually sitting half onto the ancient sidewalk. Is it an Audi? A Bugatti? Anyway, here's my tabletop shot grabbed in my office with direct light. I shot it with my new Canon G10 at an ISO of 400, f2.8 at 1/13th of a second. Handheld as usual (you know I have that tripod phobia). It's part of an antique miniature vehicle collection I keep on my office shelves. Why? It's a man-thing. If you want to see larger images, click on the thumbnails.


Andreas said...

Interesting. I'd have sworn that the perspective is slightly incorrect. Well, looking at the original, I see it seemingly is not, but the original looks even more weird to me. Don't know why. May be me :)

As an image, well, that's one of your best miniatures yet and the use of textures is perfect for Italian streets. In fact everything is perfect.

Brian Bastinelli said...

I love it Ted!! This is a very cooooool image....

Ted said...

(Andreas) Ah-hah... I see today that the real world has finally frustrated your ability to make magnificent daily postings. You are human... Whewwwwwwww..... Thank god.

But, as for our comments here... again thank you for both coming, thinking about, then commenting on my work. Yeah... there is something about the marriageof texturing and Italian street scenes. I wonder how to put the entire psychological impact of texturing into words?

(Brian) Once again, congrats on your feature in Photoshop User Magazine. I am simultaneously bursting with pride for you and much jealous. Valerie, my colleague at the magazines is especially proud that she 'invested' in the Bastinelli images which she loves. Thanks for the nice support Brian... you and Andreas are two of my favorite artists - you flatter me by stopping by.

Ashley said...

very cool image!