Thursday, March 19

Dare Me

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Shiree challenged me. She made this image available with a dare to "Do what you will to me." She wants a new square dramatic avatar. Otherwise... Well, it's my call. Now I figured a couple of things. Her screen name is Magicat. Okay... there's that 'magic' thing. And the virgin image shows some skin, eh? Moreover there's that low key background and the high contrast flash-bulb club lighting. I'm not the only one she's challenged.

Hmmm.... attractive woman, huh? Young. Sexy. Looking for an exciting image - an attention grabber. Look at her features. A couple reeeeely pop right? But that lighting... ohhhhhh that lighting. Fine... that's the challenge. And here...
Here's my solution. So? Wuddaya think?


Brian Bastinelli said...

TED! This is a hot lookin' avatar!!

I think what you did here was very very cool. There are a ton of things I like about this image.

Interestingly I like it smaller than i do larger. Now let me explain that. I have no problem with it large, I actually quite like it. But when it is smaller or I guess if I were to view it larger at a bit of a distance, the shadow areas start to create, well shadows. When I look closer there is more separation in these areas.

Thats just a personal thing that is non specific to this image but more the way I like to look at images.

That being said. First off LOVE the colors you have selected. I think the warm plays nicely with the hints of cool in the fringe. I think the Greens play well with the magenta and purples.

The hi key aspect of the image is relevant and really captures you immediately.

I agree with your choice to drop out the background and black is definitely the color.

Also I REEAAAALLLY like the addition of the negative space on the left and the fact that you left her off center.

This is one of my favorite images that I think I have seen of yours. To me thats big because I really really really like a lot of your images.

This is a grand slam!


Ted said...

As always Brian, I reeeeeely appreciate your comments. And incidentally your fans (and collectors) in my office send their congrats at your feature in PHotoShop User Magazine and your feature on the NAPA website. ZOWIE!

As for the large/small/shadows point - I have made some changes to this image re. the shadows particularly on her chest. Someone pointed out to me that the feathery stuff gave the illusion of more chest hair than a greasy trucker. OUCH! Got rid of that which seems to have revealed a more, um, alluring line.

a passion 'n frames said...

Very pretty girl first of all and love what you did to make the avatar really stand out.... really beautiful and the alluring line is nice ...grins... a touch of cleavage...

Brian Bastinelli said...

Hey Ted-

Tell everyone I said Hi and thank you it was a great honor!!

Glad you got what I was saying. Interestingly I didn't notice the "chest hair" but could see how it could look like that.

I like the new look. Still a great image!!

Colleen Farrell said...

Fantastic artwork, Ted! You highlighted her beautiful features, brought out the magic of "Magicat", and created a stunning portrait. Love it!!

Ted said...

(PnF) Thank you Deb. And yeah, that cleavage was the hardest part. Hope it doesn't look it.

(Colleen) Love the word 'fantastic' it makes me very happy. THANKS! But the virgin material makes the work a lot easier.

mcmurma said...

Very appropriate treatment here Ted. I agree with Brian about the smaller vs larger (for all the same resons) and since its intended as an avatar and will be likely be displayed as such, that should work out like a charm.

Also, the colors and treatment you selected really seem appropriate for the screen name. There is an air of mystery about this image as I view it at a small and avatarish size... very cool.

Stacey Huston said...

Very good.. gutsy

April said...

I absolutely love this image as an avatar. Unique, daring, challenging. (And I just realized those were words used in the premise. :)

But at full size, my first thought was "ouch!". Of someone being held within barbed wire, and perhaps police lights flashing across her face...

Which is equally intriguing.