Friday, March 6

New Link Under Ted's Essays!

Lookit! Yippee, Vonne from The Fine Arts Composite Group at the explosively popular RedBubble forums interviewed ME! And she probed into my photo/art influences, what triggers and maintains my inspiration, what I want to get across artistically, the hardest obstacles, my plans, and my advice to the novice.

I'm psyched. If you've wondered about any of that stuff that I wonder about... just click on the link under "Ted's Essays" in the right hand column and enjoy... and gimme your reactions here... K? That'd be reeeeeely cool and visitors will get a chance to react to your reactions and on and on... Kew-el!


J. L. T. said...

Yippee, congrats!
Yeah! What I found on the first sight was, Deb is married with Andreas M. and John Roberts;-))
Have a nice weekend!

Ted said...

AAARGH! Andreas explained my error. I've corrected it in the messages below the interview. The technology of the RedBubble site made it impossible for Vonne to correct the text without wiping away all of the comments which is something she was loath to do.. So... It was a stupid error on my part when I attempted to paste their URLs into the text without adequately copying them over the URL of Deb's which had already been saved.
It is sooooo easy to have the best intentions and then make the most stupid errors in HTML. I felt terrible about it. And Andreas made me feel even worse... which of course was his intention :-)

Andreas said...

Nope, never! It just was so funny: your proud mail, radiating good intention, and then the blunder with the spelling of my name and the URLs :)

Well, things happen, nobody was harmed, no problem :)