Saturday, March 14

The National Gallery • Washington, DC

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Went to the National Museum of Art last Thursday to see the Dutch Cityscape paintings. Pity they refused photographic permission in that show. They were all examples of the mid 1600's Golden Age of the Dutch. And they were astonishingly photojournalistic. Interesting that this sort of razor sharp drawing no longer has much market today. By the mid 1800s photographers had wiped out the market for that craft almost completely. And now, with the arrival of digital tools, photographers are closing in on the impressionistic imaginings of today's fine artists. Hmmmm..... Wonder what's next?


a passion 'n frames said...

This is really beautiful and I think it looks like it belongs on the cover of a book or a stamp. Just beautiful work Ted.... really!

John Roberts said...

Washington offers so many possibilities to combine shapes into a unique composition as you have done here. I'd love to go back again soon.

Ted said...

You are both very supportive. Thanks. And it's good to have DC in my neighborhood John. A cool thing about Lancaster is we are just three hours from Washington in the South, New York in the North... and 90 minutes from both Philly and Baltimore. So much is so close tht it's easy to do spontaneous day trips.