Monday, March 9

The Artist

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Regardless of what art is... there's another question: Why do people do art?

Hmmmm.... I've got three reasons:

(1) They have an instinct to gather parts of life for themselves or,
(2) They want to save parts of themselves for the future or,
(3) They want to stuff a market in a bottle cast into the tides of time...

You want to add more?


Andreas said...

Wow, speak about magnetism. This image literally sucks you in. The curve formed by the lower arm and the "thing" on the left side, the three yellow splashes and then the eyes. Oh dear!

Why I do what I do? For my own pleasure. I guess I am the one person who look most on my images, and I like them :)

Btw, that's one reason why I imagine it to be so depressing to be stuck with a "style" that sells. How terrible must that be: to be condemned to produce things that you don't like any more, that are not what your artistic mind wants to produce, only because it's what your gallery sells so well!

Bill Birtch said...

Have to agree with Andreas, this image sucks me in. It's that look which I can't quite figure out - it speaks volumes but I'm not quite sure what she's saying. Maybe something like "Okay mister hurry up and take your picture so I can get back to what I was doing."

Why do people do art? Simply stated, for myself, the process of building an image gives me pleasure. It's fun taking a raw image from my camera and seeing what i can make of it, it's a process of discovery. And if others happen to like the results then that's a bonus, a big one.

This has been confirmed most recently with my return to playing guitar. Ever watch a group of musicians when they're jamming? They're like a bunch of kids having the time of their lives. When I plug the guitar in and start wailing along to some blues tune, I forget everything and before I know it two or three hours have passed. The main difference between the music and photography is that I don't have anything tangible to show for it when I'm done. But both make me happy and that's far more important dontcha think?

Ted said...

(Bill) A musician oddly is left with more after he gives everything he has away. It's exactly like teaching.

(Andreas) Oh, you sell. Pity. Not to worry, serious artists will not necessarily think less of you. Um, well not much less. But perhaps if you work on that style you could sufficiently muddy it to snuff the market?