Monday, January 5

Time - A Challenge

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Recently I came upon a web forum which was discussing "Time" as a photographic concept. A number of excellent photographers thought it was best portrayed by images of clocks.

It seems to me that time is the only dimension which makes its mark upon every other dimension, and then has the inevitable power to erase them all. It also seems to me that we each have an hour glass inside of ourselves, and we can check the flow of its sand by peering in the nearest mirror.

So here's my interpretation of - Time. Whudaya think?


bikejohn said...

Yes, much more impact than a clock.

Isn't it odd that we call it the progression of time when much of time's impact is the opposite of progress? Or are we only looking at it from our small slice in time and not seeing the big picture?

MikeH said...

Ted, From the human experience you've captured time beautifully and I love how the kid is front and center. To me describing time with a clock is sorta like describing light with a light meter. Time is like the other dimensions, a marker of a specific event, change any of the 4 and the event is different, set the whole system in motion everything becomes relative...

Ted said...

(John) Insightful comment John. Time does erode as oppose to build up living and tangible things. And yet perhaps the intangible things like, say, culture, may be growing? On the other hand is 'growth', improvement? I wonder how the average person today is different from say the average Phonecian, or Mesopotamian? Perhaps our health is better, and maybe the average lifestyle is improved. Are we culturally enhanced. .... My head is beginning to hurt?

(Mike) I like the clock/meter analogy Mike. I wonder if we show the results of say, Peter The Great, if we are describing Peter The Great, or just his debris? Similarly I wonder if we show what time has eroded, if we are picturing time. That is my failing with this image, I suppose. So the question remains, is it possible to create an image that expresses time, or merely its doings? Hmmm..... Again, my head hurts :-)

Stacey Huston said...

couldn't think of a better way to show time, those innocent and beautiful children live inside of each and every one of us, just wish that we could have recognized and appreciated them earlier.. . great job.

Stacey Huston said...

Sorry, just read the other comments and had to add... Don't think about it, just nod your head.. lol.. take two asprine and take a break..

John Barclay said...

I attended a workshop where the instructor gave us an assignment to bring a self-portrait to share. The interesting thing was it was a nature photography workshop!! So of course I felt the initial pangs of ... what? Huh, me a self-portrait...umm what? But after the initial lack of self confidence moment, I started to think... and during the trip I was on in Utah started to see things in nature that would be representative of the assignment. I finally found this pattern in the sand beneath an inch or two of water in Zion National Park... to me it looked like a face. I submitted it as my Self-Portrait assignment as for me it was symbolic of me. For me it did not need to be an actual picture.

So much like MIke's comment Time portrayed the way you have is MUCH more interesting... more personal more thoughtful. It is a personal and emotional interpretation rather than a documentary approach.

Regarding the G10... not enough experience with it yet to answer your questions. So far I love having it available. I like what I see in my RAW files. I'm surprised with the quality thus far... If you would like the file of Muffin... I'd be happy to send the full tiff for you to examine.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, it was an honor to have you in the "house".