Saturday, January 3


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There are evocative small towns that resonate powerfully - usually with the ghostly yearnings of faded dreams- Of opportunities went away. There are reasons that cities prosper and grow... economic reasons. No amount of wishing will substitute for the throb of creativity which answers vast numbers of wants - desires - needs. Simply put: There are reasons that small towns are small - they imagine one dream, and never dream another.

Then there are places so grand that you cannot purchase a lens wide enough to cram anything about them into one frame. You cannot stand back far enough to capture their roar. They need to be described in pieces. And even pieces communicate just one aspect of their aura. You come away from them with impressions in lieu of tack sharp descriptions. You can only know them emotionally as collections of living, growing, clutching - opportunities. There you can feel, hear, and smell heaven-grasping ambitions.

They make your imagination - squint.


Andreas said...

Oh yeah, what I said about squares some days ago, I really mean it :)

I just read your text and, yes, that's it and that's what was at the heart of what I felt at first sight, before I had read it.

Wonderful poetry in this triptych, and it is not unfitting that the form of the triptych stems from its usage as an altarpiece :)

a passion 'n frames said...

I like these views it reminds me how I felt in SF this summer. Always creative and a bit outside the box Ted pure delight!! BTW - like the new bio pic with the rich green shirt! snappppy !!!

bob wong said...

I like your last sentence. "They make your imagination - squint."