Saturday, January 17


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It’s just a river
Filled with river-things
Tossed in every morning
By daybreak…
Ancient memories
That float.

Florence, Italy


Bill Birtch said...

What's he up to lurking there on the bridge like that. Looking for trouble I bet. Great composition Ted.

a passion 'n frames said...

beautiful indeed.... I like how you worked this image....

the other ted said...

Nice treatment with this image really love how you use the angel.

btw still haven't figured out how they did that in the images you sent but still working on it!

Andreas said...

Ahh yes, the bridge where I shot after we lost each other and while you were at Ponte Vecchio :)

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Hey Ted! Cool image work as usual.

Thanks for stopping by, it was good to see you ;)

...and thanks for the well-wishes ;)

Ted said...

(Bill) Thanks Bill... is he not in the perfect position to define lurk?

(PnF) Awww gee Deb... not that much work, but nice of you to be nice to it. Thanks.

(Theo) Ahhhhh....yes, an angel. Nice addition to my feelings about this. As for the other thing... Lookit my January 16th posting. Am I getting closer?

(Andreas) Yep, it was taken on that glorious morning at the bridge just below the Ponte Vecchio... a bridge which I think you also interpreted, right? I still regret we got separated. But when you show up here in the States... I will make up for it. We've got your room all ready.

(Chad) All of my best on your wedding Chad. You are the complete romantic and it shows not only in your ability to get a beautiful woman to marry you... but in your art as well.

Ashley said...

Fantastic! Reminds me of a photo I took at Angkor Wat, with the temple reflecting into a lake. I sure I had the talent you do and I would turn it into as masterpiece as well!