Friday, January 9


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High fashion model does the catwalk. Fashion Rocks!


a passion 'n frames said...

very fun.... delightful actually....

Andreas said...

Barnstormers :)

Well, I'm not even into European sports, thus I certainly can't appreciate yours, but what I can appreciate, that is this attitude of openly being from the country and being proud of it. That's charming.

You do those Barnstormer images every once in a while. Is this coupled to certain events? Again anything that I missed? Important victories?

And: the word verification clue that I have to enter in order to post this comment is "aping". Coincidence?


Ted said...

(Thanks Deb and Andreas) I reeeeeely like this image. It makes me smile, big time. I wanted to do everything that happened, yet here is a place where my opinion sure isn't universal. My posts of this image on different forums resulted in so little response or for that matter, even viewer visits.

And yet from both a craft and resonance standpoint it is so much fun. Well, I feel that it is. Oh well, art is not about a referendum right?