Sunday, May 25

Sense Of Place

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Took a ride today to an historic little town. Actually there are twin towns on either side of a river important to America's past... and they're in a spot that's virtually legend. Got there at about 2:30 in the afternoon with a searing sun from the west. Yuck, the worst light... a photographer's nightmare. But... how to capture a sense of place and overcome the explosive contrast? Here's my take... Well, here are my takes.... And your reaction is?


Okay.... here are the virgin pix I took yesterday afternoon in max sun. Take #1 above is my "straight" or Organic set of enhancements. Take #2 express my feelings of the place.


Stacey Olson said...

Ted, very nice. you took a washed out moment and made it beautiful.. I personally like No1. but the uniqueness of #2 is very nice also.

Debra Trean said...

I like these so much they really tell an entire story.

shooting the ballet again rehearsal shots at least next weekend wish you could come along and have fun too... would love to see it thru your eyes.

John Roberts said...

I prefer the image 1 version. The three photos together give a sense of place that I think might be missing as individual photos. Together, the seem to tell a story.

Shooting only at the magic hours around sunrise and sunset is not always practical, especially when traveling with others. "You want us to get up HOW EARLY?!" So sometimes you just have to work around the contrasty lighting. And sometimes, as you've done here, you come home with memorable photos anyway.