Friday, May 16

April Sail #10

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Now for the last in this series. My friend Steve is the guy who chartered our yacht and who contracted Jeremy to instruct him toward his sailing certification. He was my host for the weekend.

So through all of these images I've practiced to find the way to build him the most compelling image for his office. It comes down to this portrait of Steve At The Helm.

Huh? Wuddaya think?


Here's the virgin image from the FlashCard.


advman said...

Compelling, I'd say :)

Bill Birtch said...

You've nailed it. Nothing more to say.

John Roberts said...

Looks like hecould be at the helm of the Enterprise, about to punch warp speed!

Stacey Huston said...

These are really neat. anyone would be thrilled to have a photograph of them doing something they love hanging on their wall.