Saturday, May 24

Kerouac #2

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Are your images bullied by principles that make breakthroughs unlikely? Um….who's making you do that?

Frankly, I’m not recommending anyone go out and buy Jack Kerouac’s books. I think it was Truman Capote who said about the guy, “That’s not writing, it’s typing.” There’s a lot of monotony between food stops along Kerouac’s obsessive road wanderings. I read him for some nourishment but too much of the filler is the literary equivalent of greasy junk food - without the seasoning.

But I like it that he trashed the rules of fiction writing in mid-Fifties America. So I'm scratching at his stuff to find things that make me go, “Uh-huh! I know what that looks like. I can imagine thatas an image. Let me think at that in color, shape, form, composition, and… and… texture. So here’s the second feeling that Kerouac’s given my imaging. It’s not Organic. It is enhanced.

Feelings and ideas are like that, right?


Now for something new to me. Last weekend I found a Sunpack eBox Portable Photo Studio in a remainder bin at an electronics store. The box was pretty beaten up but they assured me that should it not work, I could return the thing. For less than thirty dollars, Hey! why not find out if it had a bunch of new image ideas inside, huh?

So armed with that Kerouac quote up there... I unpacked the thing. See in #1 how flat the black carrier lies? Those pockets on the outside hold two high intensity lights with built in tripods, an additional little camera tripod that's really a bit rickety for my 20D and a power strip (not included). You can see how it unfolds on my desk and you can judge its size by the soda bottle I've sat next to it.

Anyway... that is how I composed my toy soldiers. I wish it had a background that wasn't so wrinkled. Popping images out of that background for further enhancement is difficult, but for macro close ups... it looks cool, huh?


Theodore Black said...

It is amazing what you can find when your not looking. Like your use of images as always. I've been thinking about putting something like that together but thats for rainy days right.
If we don't push ourself, no one else will.

Ted said...

(Theo) The skies have been weepy over Lancaster a lot in the past two week, particularly on weekends.

pnfphotography said...

smiles ....creative wonderful and delightful what more can I say!

advman said...

It's interesting that writing (or typing :) inspires you, but you're probably the most intellectual photographer that I know anyway. My inspiration is always visual, without exception. It goes so far, that I know by now what a promising image looks like (well, I even fail in that sometimes, for example last Friday, when I had to fall back to a SoFoBoMo image), but the direction it goes is almost never pre-determined. I simply begin, going as I feel while walking, and then something happens. I am much better now at stumbling to a point where I feel it's OK, but I stumble more or less blindly nevertheless :)