Tuesday, May 13

April Sail #9

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Jeremy Hopkins spends his life at the helm.Across oceans, through inland waterways, lakes and rivers - he rides the bridge and regardless of how things pitch, his muscles compensate to craft and sea. Confidence wrapped in experience.

I've been diddling with the things that make up an epic image. Think this one's getting there? Lemme lnow, K?


Here's the virgin picture from my Flash Card


Brian Bastinelli said...


Love it!

Stacey Olson said...

So fun..I think the bright red of the coat is the only thing that throws it off for me.. But still a very creative image ... Much better than the original..

Andreas said...

Hmm ... yes, we're getting near. The only oversight is, that you left no space for the whale :))

Bill Birtch said...

I love it. Packed with drama. Would I change anything? That orange flotation device off his left elbow bothers me a bit. I think it's the hue, maybe less orange and more yellow like the original, but maybe just toning it down a bit would also work. All I know for sure is that it detracts from the rest of the image for me.

Ted said...

As you know I dohn wahn no stahnkin advice about my technique.... Why? Um... because that tends to be critical and a I am a shallow sponge for unfiltered praise!!!!

And yet there is still so much to learn and even to debate.

Some in other places or in email have found the foreground in this image distracting. And I've discovered that whenever people mention a distraction, people who hadn't found it distracting... well they get distracted. I debated darkening the control panel and further fuzzing up the water bottle. I tried it, and well, I come back to liking the way those things create a sense of place. They are the hum-drum of life which makes, for me, the character and his situation more real.

(Brian) Come back a lot... That is EXACTLY what I want everyone to say... Heh heh heh.. Thank you.

(Stacey) I am an incurable color addict. It is my nature and part of whatever style I have to play with the colors that I was denied for forty years of my photo taking because a wet color dark room was simply too expensive. Ditto color labs. So I am driven now to play with the the astonishing optics and free color that we are now allowed. Overdo color? What me?

(Andreas) Yeah, that pesky whale... where the hell is that thing? He's white, right?

(Bill) Hmmmm.... the orange preserver... Hmmmm.... I went back and tried it in yellow and it busted the color palette of this thing all to hell. So I through it out of focus and lost an essential prop that fed that "sense-of-place" I discussed above. Since it's an essential part of the cockpit of this class of boat... I don't know how to make it less distracting without cranking down its chrome. And that speaks to my obsession discussed above with Stacey. Me cut color? Meeeeee! AAARGH!

Thank you all, and the many who have commented eleswhere and in email... This is apparently a provocative image. And thank you who hate the fact that this is so enhanced and NOT an organic representation of a moment... thank you for not kicking my butt. You have obviously come to grips with the name of this blogsite, and yet you return. That is very flattering.

Anonymous said...

I like it makes me want to go sailing again! The piece of cloud in the upper right seems cut off from everything. If you got rid of it it might tie the top to the bottom. I like it though a lot. thanks for the inspiration! Would appreciate your input on my photoblog if you get a chance.

Ted said...

(Theodore B) Hey, I'd love to check out your blogsite... but.... what's the URL. Thanks, BTW for your nice comments.

Theodore A Black said...

I really love how you push things! I had a great picture of an old tractor in a field but the skies were blah my wife knows now why i take a lot of pictures of clouds :) the site is theodoreblackphotography.com

Debra Trean said...

very very fun what a talent you are no kidding.... I am thrilled when I learn how to clone - I am not sure I will live long enough to do this kind of work...truely Ted - baby you amaze me ....lol