Saturday, February 16

November 24, 2006: The LCCC Battleground 8

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So here's a new wrinkle in this battle to squash the project to save Lancaster City. It seems that the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority controls this entire project. The LCCCA has seven members. Three are appointed by the County Commissioners, three by The City Of Lancaster. One is appointed every few years by either the city or the county. The rogue commissioners appointed their three but this is the city's turn to appoint four. Hence they hold a majority of one until... until...

(You can start this story by clicking here and reading it forward).

I took this image on November 24 of 2006. The City of Lancaster was scheduled to have its majority on the LCCCA until September of 2007, when the County Commissioners could seize control of the majority and vote this entire project to a stop. Which meant that furious construction would have to take place in the nine months following this picture. Making the story even more tense... Those County Commissioners I've been describing for days now were set to face the voters in November of 2007, about a month after they grabbed final control of the LCCCA and this project.

This hole would have to fill up fast. Which meant even more costs as the supporters of the Convention Center and Hotel together with their tiny majority of one on the LCCCA struggled to erect the project before the commissioners could stop them in court, or stop them by appointing a one member majority of the LCCCA board.

2007 loomed as a nail biter.

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