Tuesday, February 12

New Computer Came!

If you will recall my rant back on January 25th over my MacBook Pro's capricious tendencies to break? You might recall my whining about Apple's reluctance to replace the machine even after two disk drive replacements by them in 90 days (click on the keyword "Apple" below)? Well again this month the thing began crashing and this time Mac agreed to replace it with the new, top of the line 17" MacBook Pro. Yippee. They didn't have to do that. I offered to pay for the difference between the value of my defective one year old machine and the new model. They insisted, and of course I reluctantly accepted a faster processor and a larger disk drive plus double the ram all running on Mac's new OS, Leopard. I'm easy.

So, while the process took a while, I'm pleased to say that my twenty some years of using MacIntosh machines exclusively will continue into the future. And now I'm pricing a new MacPro to replace this massive G4 I'm typing on now. Thats a couple of months of though (and hopefully some of my photography sales will subsidize that purchase).

But tonight and tomorrow I'm going to be working on the new machine that's just arrived today from Shanghai. So, I suspect I shall not post again until Thursday. It's too much fun to play with the new laptop and... and.... WHEEEEEEEEE!

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Anonymous said...

I hope the new Mac works out for you and I'm glad your loyalty has paid off! It's rare these days when a manufacturer steps up to the plate. I've been a Honda owner for the last 30+ years and when the transaxle went out almost a year out of warranty on my van they replaced it for FREE! I was not so lucky with my Dell desktop though. Three Western digital disk crashes in seven years with no help from Dell. I just had a new PC built by a local guru with exactly what a I (a photographer) wanted and it is twice the machine for half the price and I got to keep XP Pro. Anyway good luck with your new toy and I'm anxious to see the rest of the Lancaster convention center photos and read the story.

Murry Gribsby