Friday, February 1

An Aging Loving Couple

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What's a concerto?

Here's one. It's a duet of solo instruments contrasted against its orchestral setting. See it?

Photographers have the ability to liberate these moments into a timeless place. Except for this picture taken in the streets of Florence, Italy last October this concerto will never happen this way again. But we can simultaneously preserve it and flash it throughout the world, over and over until somehow technology tires of this transmission mechanism. Or it might then even move to some other, not now even imagined, transmission mechanism. We however are the content creators. Content can become independent of media. So this concerto can leap from computers, to discs, to broadcast, to whatever. And this moment now is part of a potentially never ending concerto featuring an aging loving couple and a unique setting to meld with your imaginaton.

And not only will the moment never happen again, but savor it since your reflection on this concerto is also a unique moment which will never happen again.


GEEK STUFF: Canon EOS 20D, 10/10/07,1:06 PM: Lens 17-85mm, Focal Length: 53mm, Exp 1/25@f/5.6, ISO 200, Metering Mode: Partial, Exposure bias -0.67, Camera RAW

Here's what my digital sketch book captured right off of the flash card. The idea is in there, right?


pnfphotography said...

Ted - I love the framing of the iron work and the two of them busy doing their own thing yet together just as an older couple seem to be able to do. Be in the same room doing each of their own Nice once again it takes a good eye to see this and then to play it up like only you can!!!

Marti said...

Hi Ted -- Yes indeed the idea is there in the original and you captured it so very well. I just love the expression you captured on the dog's face!! Great timing and, as usual wonderful post prcessing.

Ted Byrne said...

(pnf) Hmmmm... do I see you slowly revealing more of yourself in your portraits? But I digress... Your point is so prescient. Yes, couples are frequently alone together even when they are not alone at all.

(Marti) Your new website looks terrific. Everyone should click on the "Marti Jeffers" link I've posted to enjoy it.

It was the doggy's face that first tractor-beamed my lens toward this couple. Look how s/he's looking out for the guy. It was a compelling moment. Thanks for your compliments.

Marti said...

About this doggie -- and mine. All I can say is that I have, at present, two wonderful canine companions. Dogs have always been a part of my life and the history humans have with canines is amazing.

I'm glad it was the dog's expression that drew you in -- it's priceless and many would not have noticed this wonderful moment. You have an amazing ability to see the not so obvious!!

I have an ex-husand. My dogs are still here. :)