Wednesday, February 6

August 11, 2007: The LCCC's Battleground 1

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This is a battle zone... or it was when I took this picture. Over the next days I shall post some more pictures of this site ... some made earlier... some... later. This is the Lancaster County Convention Center arising in the very epicenter of the City of Lancaster. The actions of a coalition of county hotel owners, anti government activists, anti development activists, economic illiterates, anti Lancaster City activists, and some few superstitious zealots came together with the political aspirations of two of three county commissioners to stop this project. They claimed to speak for the majority of the half million people in lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They mounted every delaying tactic and court maneuver imaginable. Even as this image was taken, there was serious doubt about just who they did represent and whether this hole would ever be filled.

Incidentally, this series of panoramas are each designed to be very large prints of perhaps six to eight feet on their longest edge.


Anonymous said...

Success ruins everything! Speaking as a tourist I loved Lancaster County the first time I visited. I was shocked many years later to find that the beautiful Amish area had turned into an Amish amusement center much like Disney creates. I have seen the photos of Lancaster Counter then and now and it's beginning to look like every other urban sprawl so why not a hugh convention center? It's just like in my native Colorado, when people have coffee on their condo balconies and lament that Georgetown isn't like it use to be because all the vitorian homes are hidden by the multi-story condos. Ah where can we all escape to next?? BTW nice image and I look forward to the series Ted.
Murry Grigsby
Retired in Texas

pnfphotography said...

Amazing the builder may be very interested in seeing these no kidding. I once captured a church that was amazing in my eye. One day as I was taking pictures this guy walked up asking what I was doing. I said this building has the most amazing shapes and I just had to capture it. He happened to be the architect and wanted the url to where I was posting. They later used a few of the images. So it is very cool!!!!