Monday, February 18

Goodnight To Daily Posting

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Been thinking about it a lot lately. I've got so many images in my archives just now to work on. And so many great books piling up on my desk. Recently a couple of new publishers have begun sending me pre releases to review, and they look so good. But I feel a pull to working on a daily image instead... or I've felt that pull weaken in the last couple of weeks. So, I realized that a decision needs to be made about how to cut up a pie of time into the most satisfying slices.

Tonight marks about fifteen months over which I've almost daily posted a new image. And while the therapy in this has been useful, and the friendships I've developed priceless... I think that I'm going to cut back some.

So for no particular reason I think that tonight, February 18th, 2008 will mark the end of the daily ImageFiction rants, musings, boastings, and postings. Perhaps like Michael and Marti, I shall leave the daily world and switch to a weekly world... or so.

Come back on Mondays won't you please? And keep sending me email with your own URLs so I can visit, learn, and comment.

Until next Monday, enjoy this old hulk quivering against the cold in a night shared with a darkened church spire. Seems somehow fitting for an announcement of hibernation, eh?


pnfphotography said...

This is beautiful creative and magical! I do understand about needing to take a break and finding enough time as well. I know as spring arrives I will begin to grow busy and tired too from the added work load that is about to arrive. I will always keep an eye on your page as I have grown to know your work by eye and enjoy your musing. I hope you get some rest and get re0organized and that your mac keeps behaving@

John Setzler said...

Time is the medium that keeps everything from happing at once :)

Marti said...

Hi Ted,

Only you can make an old hulk shivering in the cold look beautiful!!

Enjoy your days "off" and I'll be watching on Mondays for more of your inspiring work.


Chad Oneil Myers said...

Very cool, Ted. I especially like that "Boot" image below...very "graphic" and cool.

John Roberts said...

Daily or weekly, you'll still be on my regular "Let's see whats going on at _______" list. Good luck with your new projects and endeavors!

advman said...


What can I say? This is outright scary! Not your image, no, but the idea that you won't be around with a new image daily.

I have been quite distant from pretty much everything lately, have neglected fellow bloggers, forums like the Radiant Vista, but there was always the possibility to come back at any time and find your great creations.

Well, having said that, I absolutely understand your sentiment. I am constantly two days behind at the moment, and it sure is unnerving. Enjoy your time, but not so much that you don't come back :))