Thursday, November 22

Florence 4: “LOOK! Look there. See?”

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Photography has a unique power in its ability to point. Some even say that it’s what photographers in snapshots, advertising, photojournalism, wedding, fashion – even fine art photography – in its every use they say it is what we do best. The lens has the ability to focus attention upon a child’s giggle, the tear of a bride’s mother, blood on the sidewalk, or a vivid personal idea about how sunrise coats a great river like The Arno as it wends through Florence.

“See that?” The picture asks? And we not only see it, but through the mind and feelings of the guy or gal who pulled the trigger.

And when we realize that it’s part of the role of photographers to point, we begin to understand that it is also our right.


I'm in an odd mood this Thanksgiving Day. I'm lost for the right word. Sometime yesterday afternoon my stomach went crampy from the visit of a virus. So after a sleepless night, I'm taking calmatives and listening to Barbara Carroll albums. Under those dual influences plus this holiday reverie - Lancaster seems both connected to everything, and adrift on its own. Is there a word for that? The morning on the Arno a few weeks ago seems like this morning. I can hear a bicycle's bell and quiet scooters. Oddly, the Arno, just below my camera, flowed silent between the walls that hold back its capricious floods.

YAWN! It's a good evening to meditate on things that make both Rita and I thankful. Happy Thanksgiving world.


pnfphotography said...

Now it is working but before it was not!!!!

Very interesting thoughts you have shared and I am sorry to hear that your not feeling real sassy !!!

I do hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving and that you get some rest tonight.

This image is very lovely. I think you pointed the camera very well and we get to share in what you have seen.

John Roberts said...

You captured the quiet and solitude of early morning (my favorite time of day) quite well in this image. I hope you're feeling better soon!

Ashley said...

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I love Florence and I particularly love this shot!