Saturday, November 24

Florence 6: Crinkled Vista

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And this is the view from the great room window of our apartments in Florence at sunset. That's the Arno River which, as a result of a drought, is running somewhat low. There are gypsy-type people living beneath that bridge on this side of the river. They are invisible to people from the up-market eighteenth century buildings that line this side of the Arno.

There's an oddity to this image. It is not a panorama that's been stitched together from multiple images. But, note the middle of the bridge. The way that it's been built created a distinct fold or crinkle which was reinforced by its reflection. I tried to minimize that peculiarity, but it leaps out at me whenever I look at this image.

Now, let me tell you that our facilities and hosts throughout this two week tour were terrific and their facilities wonderful in every incidental. In a week or so, I'll list their websites, addresses and other contact information. I hope, if you are planning a Rome or Florence trip, that you'll consider either or both of them.


Anonymous said...

We visited Florence[1], Sienna, and a little village called Villa a Sesta[2] (pop. 60) six years ago. I still treasure those (inept) photos, and would love to go back to shoot again. Looking forward to your links!



mcmurma said...

You know, as I look through the images that you and Andreas have been posting, here and there the others stylistic influences are very strong. Not in this piece though. It's all Ted, near as can tell. Brilliant.

John Roberts said...

This is gorgeous! I hate to pick at one of my heroes, but the diagonal red line in the lower right corner, and the bit of street lamp at the bottom of the frame are distracting to me. My kingdom for a clone tool! I know that such a statement is not a heresy at his site.

Debra Trean said...

This is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!