Friday, November 30

2007 Award Winner: Florence 11: Sunrise Melody

Note: Accepted as one of the finest Travel Images of 2007 for Canon POTN Book to be published in the Fall of 2008.

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Henri Cartier-Bresson wrote that to take photographs is, "to find the structure of the world – to revel in the pure pleasure of form, and to disclose that in all this chaos, there is order."

Which I suppose is why we hunt the radiant vista?

Of course Cartier-Bresson would have dismissed this image out of hand since he thought that color was the provence of the painter and that the photographer must only investigate a monochrome world. Pity, while he may have grasped the words about sunrise over the Arno River in Florence – he'd have missed the melody.


Sassy said...

you've got really stunning photographs on this blog!!!

Chad Oneil Myers said...

I like the image you created here, Ted.

Thanks for your idea on my power plant image. Yeah, there's multiple things that could be done with that one. The reflected colors are so "graphical".

bikejohn said...

Beautiful shot Ted. Love the reflections in the river. Twilight is a magical time and you've truly captured a magic melody here.

BTW, have you seen the movie "The Impassioned Eye"? It's about Cartier-Bresson and is excellent.