Wednesday, November 28

Florence 10: What's The Opposite Of Twilight

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See how the minutes before dawn are where history’s attic lives?

It’s when you find the boundaries between what has happened and what will.

While the normal person isn’t entirely aware of all of life’s sub themes and boundaries:
• it’s a specific human quirk
• to imagine mystery
• into that crack between night and morning.

See how it’s an instant when you can feel Florence’s memories

• either come out or scurry away.

By the way, we call the sweet light between day and night, twilight. What do we call the sweet light between night and day? Anyone know?

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mcmurma said...

Here is an image that seems to blend the world of vision often seen by another (Andreas) into the style most often practiced by Ted.

A calm, quaint scene with subtle but dramatic lighting is a sight that A. might capture, but he would, of course, present it in a very different fashion. His would be sharper, more hard-edged, more colorful, and with more compositional emphasis on the angularity of the scene. (most likely, but not necessarily) But I do see it as scene he might work with.

You chose a different path, and show us the softness, the subtle colors, in a composition that reaches down the street and around the corners. Or, up into the stars.

Perhaps its just the feeling of twilight--or whatever it should be called. But it still brings up the similarities. I guess now that I think I have noticed some, I can't quit finding more of them.