Wednesday, August 22

Where'd That Come From?

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When an artist works upon a canvas he can tease out a third dimension from that flatness. He can find consequences in that blank space which are able to enchant our childlike wonder. We can stare over his shoulder as he outlines shapes, forms, and textures that we just didn't see there. And out of thin air... or flat surface... he conjures balances and resemblances that were apparently on that thing all along - but only he saw them well enough to brush them to the front. I'm drawn to people who are like that with ideas. You know the kind who find them in everything and relate them to others and choreograph their dancing so that I don't just believe their conclusions... I enjoy twisting and turning them around like a child with a gemstone. Or a youngster peering over an artist's shoulder on a hot June night night on Hilton Head Island deep into South Carolina.

GEEK STUFF: Canon EOS 20D, Canon EFS 17-85mm (f4-5.6) ,1/6@f/5.6, exposure Bias value: -2, ISO: 400, Focal Length: 72 mm, Date/time: 6/3/07: 7:45 pm, Metering Mode: Pattern, Camera RAW


Chad Oneil said...

I like it, Ted.

pnfphotography said...

gosh I have missed alot of your work..this is wonderful.... very very nice! handsome kid too LOL..grins