Saturday, August 11

The Sehner-Ellicott-von Hess House circa 1787

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Meriwether Clark worked on his great expedition to find the Northwest Passage in this house. Rumor has it that Mason and Dixon calculated their great survey to separate America's North and South in this place as well. Now it houses the Lancaster Historic Preservation Trust at 123 N. Prince Street in Lancaster's downtown in the heart of the art district and gallery row.

Here's where I'm going to show my work on September 7th. If you think the outside of this mansion is exquisite, wait until you see the inside when you show up for the show. Or when I show you pictures of people who do come. Um, that is if people come at all. But that's another issue that I'll confront later. While I have a certain reputation in the city, it is not for photography, so it will come as a surprise to many who know me, that I know anything about making images.

And since I do not do organic photography, well my work is anything but historically accurate - an acquired taste at best, eh? I sent off a large emailing yesterday, but it is mid summer and I received an automatic response from so many telling me that they were away just now. Hope they'll go back over their mail when they get home. Oh, wudda heck, I'll nag them with a reminer in a couple of weeks.

Which I hope won't alienate... And make them stay away, leaving me to roam the halls with the ghosts of Lewis, Clark, Mason, and Dixon. Sigh....

GEEK STUFF: Three different shots in this tryptic all taken with my Canonn D20 and all with the Canon EF-S 10-22mm (f3.5-4.5). I took them this afternoon around 3pm (8/11/07). Oh yea, I used a polarizing filter. Beyond that... much differs. Wuddaya think of the tryptic? Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Before I forget it: Late but very sincere congratulations on your one-man show! I certainly feel disapointed that I cannot make it - it's just a couple of 10 000 km's too far away. Mpf. Rats.

Anyway, the triptychon certainly carries your handwriting, especially in the color schemes, the sharpnesses and soft glows. Beautiful (I hope you don't mind me saying that!).

I'm a bit undecided about the centre piece though. The rotated perspective strikes me as being a bit forced. Maybe that's just me...

Andreas said...

Hehehe, no need to tell you which of the three strikes me most :)

Pretty perfect balance. A strong, steamy intro from the left, a boiling climax in the middle, and the right calm and serene, keeping the image from toppling over.

WOW!!! One of your better ones, and that means something :)


Debra Trean said...

I love those triple pictures I forget the proper term. I have tried to do that with a equine image as of late and am still struggling. I think your creative edge always makes me smile. I really like this and hope to see more of them from you.