Sunday, August 19


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Bayles & Orland in their classic paperback, Art & Fear write, "Your tools do more than just influence the appearance of the resutling art – they basically set limits upon what you can say with an art piece." Along busy Manor Street, just next to the HQ for the Lancaster offices of Organized Labor, this mural coats the side of a private home.

Since my yesterday was consumed with printing for next month, I took my bike out this morning - looking for something that confirms or contradicts Bayles & Orland. I wanted something splashy, something that would make up for the darkness of this blog yesterday. So, how to deal with the ideas of B&O with a vivid example? How about three examples?

A group of students from The Pennsylvania College of Art And Design executed this idea. "Rise With Strength" it yells almost three stories into the sky. And it's colors turn flowers pale. Hell, they almost make the sunrise seem wimpy. But look... look how the scale and the texture of their palette influenced the artists. See how they became a part of the engine of their effort? I've already discussed the power of housepaint as a tool back on August 12. Click here to see that illustration..

So it seemed that the most powerful way to prove B&O's point was with not one, but three images - an epic tryptic. Which is the only way, on our tiny monitors, I could try to cram in the impact of a 34' high mural. Hope it makes their point as persuasively to you as it does for me.

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advman said...

Pretty fantastic, though I'd sign it only once :)

You've perfectly made a point. Hmm ... this is something that I'll have to explore one time. It's really impressive what additional dimensions lie in the effects of combination.

Julie B Andersen over at Mad Media did some diptychs like this and especially this, that intrigue me and probably could interest you. Basically it is the same concept as here, multiple views on the same subject, without any temporal order. If you don't already know it, have a look at her work. I guess you'll like it.