Sunday, August 12

Mayor's House #1

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The Mayor of The City of Lancaster lives in the middle of gallery row on N. Prince Street. Recently Rick and his artist wife Gail repainted their home. Lancaster is a brick and shutter place where Amish horse-carts still click their way down the streets. Like the Gray's, who live three blocks west of us, our home's an 18th century study in Elizabethan style.

I like the makeup the Gray's have pained atop their grand old lady. They've made a San Francisco statement. I thought I'd knock off a tryptic of their home, but I got so distracted by this, the center piece of that threesome, I lost track of the time and my candle's grown dim... YAWN!

But before turning out the light, let me share a thought about the Gray's house... or one it caused. We communicate ideas and feelings,it's the communication platforms that technology's exploded. Now we can tell our stories in video games, here on blogs, in podcasts, and videos. We can publish illustrated novels of depth (remember when comics were funny?), go on cable, or IM and text our thoughts onto the screens of tiny pocket computers.

All of that layered atop, radio, television, magazines, newspapers,books, and snail mail. We can rent billboards, the sides of buses, airplane banners, blimps, and megaphones.

Or we can do what the Gray's did. Look... look here how, on one of the city's busiest streets, they tell us part of their vision of and for Lancaster. Their medium is one of the oldest. One that they dig out of Machu Picchu and Herculaneum - yet a medium as effective today as it probably was when it coated the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Who'd have thought a couple of millennia back that we'd still tell our feelings in house-paint?

GEEK STUFF: Canon EOS 20D, Canon EFS 17-85mm (f4-5.6) ,1/100@f5/6, exposure Bias value: 0, ISO: 400, Focal Length: 12 mm, Date/time: 8/11/07 am, Metering Mode: Average, Camera RAW


pnfphotography said...

I have to say SF is what came into my mind when I saw color...and I love those bricks..we do not see many homes here created from brick. As always colorful and a delight.

PS...take pic BEFORE and AFTER of the your show so I can see...please....

Bill said...

Colour grabs my eye first, dazzling, then line and shape. Love the way those long vertical lines lead my eyes skyward and the repetition of the rectangles -vertical, horizontal, vertical, horizontal. And of course the POV works perfectly, the way you've gone asymmetrical with the whole thing is the crowning touch. I gotta say, this may be my all time favourite image of yours.