Tuesday, August 28

Personal Assault

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Are you enraged?

Yes, that farmer is burning without a license! And the aromatic smoke is wafting gently into the air - visible for a couple of miles. You gotta problem widdat? "Oh no!" You gasp. "But... global warming... World pollution... Future generations... The sky... It's... It's falling!"

I guess I should have whipped out one of the guns that everyone know that Yanks tote, and shot the sucker. Self defense, right? After all, he's threatening the children and a whole lot of people who can afford seaside homes. And all of these hurricanes this year ... he's provoking them... Wait.. wait... no hurricanes this year? I mean all the hurricanes last year... Yeah... last year... What? Oh, none last year either? Okay... but Katrina. He made that happen and all those people living below sea level in the Mississippi Crescent who got engulfed. He did that. And there must have been blizzzards somewhere, huh? Darn... forgot my gun. How could I do that?

Sure is pretty though, huh?


pnfphotography said...

hey! I have to say we live in the country and we do burn too and we need permits to do so as well. I think the smell of weeds burning smells damn good. I know we have days we are not allowed to burn but it is good for the dirt the ash so thats one good thing. I have missed watchin your page just been crazzzzy busy but things are gonna get back to normal I think.

John Roberts said...

At least we don't live in places like some parts of CA where you can't even use a little BBQ grill at your own house!

Who is..... Carteach0? said...

How easily the point gets lost. Excellent photo. The only spoiler being the phone lines.

I guess it helps to live in the place, and have a photo like that set many emotions into motion.

Magic moments are everywhere.