Tuesday, January 21


You're not supposed
To Believe them.

You're supposed to
Believe in them. 

That's what whores
And politicians

Are all

From my Canon 7D through 80-115mm glass. Post processing in PS4 selectively employing a number of custom, AlienSkin and Topaz, tools. All detailing occurred with my own brushes and textures. The colorless hope though wells (and wails) from deep within my heavy-metal skepticism.


Cedric Canard said...

Graphic portrait. Quite impactful in fact. As for the words, I find them quite insightful :)

Ted said...

This fella attracted my lens like a magnet after steel. Funny how that happens. There are reflexive actions, much as your leg jerks when bopped by a rubber mallet. Or the way a man's head might swivel as he drives past a short skirt that's filled out aggressively. Sigh… Or wuddever. The point is that street portraits are an instinctual hunt. And this trophy is one that's particularly memorable. Glad it resonated with you as well. Oh… the text seemed to somehow flow under my fingers as I peered at this guy… Odd how that happens.

John Strong said...

Like what you did here, Ted. I see some Moire in the shirt, however. I have a picture of a grain elevator that I really like, but suffers from the same problem - so far I haven't found a really good way to get rid of it...

Ted said...

Actually there is no Moire pattern apparent on any of my monitors John. I have Dell here at work, an Apple at home, an iPad, and an iPhone. Hmmm…. maybe I need to adjust them to get the real dynamic pop :-) Regardless, I'm flattered that yo find this image resonates with you. Actually he's a composite of a few street portraits which I took then augmented to achieve the "just-beat-up" effect that the text suggests. It was sort of a conceptual thing from the start… which is, after all, what seems to drive my personal interest.

Thanks for your thoughts.