Wednesday, January 8


Riffling through the archives as I filed the last group of kiddie pix this one of Katelyn from three years back popped out. Dusted off it looked sort of cool, well not cool… warm. On her first birthday in September of '11 this caught her in natural light through my hand-held normal 17-85mm Canon on the Canon 7D. Yeah the ISO was 5000 but even so the stabilizers in that lens let me crank it out to 80mm and hold it reasonably steady at 1/80 of a second at f5.6 to shrink the depth of field like a cheap cotton sweater in a dryer set to hot.

But the maximum power came from Topaz Adjust through the flexibility of PS4 layer. Look at the detail in her eyes, huh? Those were Topaz supported, painted in through adjustment layers.

You know, this stuff is magical. And in the words of Arthur C. Clarke… "A sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from witchcraft."



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Ted said...

Thank you… Glad it resonated with you.