Sunday, January 24

Up There

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Still no time to take my new 7D out for a spin. Finally tried this afternoon, but it poured rain. Didn't have the time to work out a rain shield... so, still haven't checked myself out on the new machine. Since we fly away on February 5... I can hear the stopwatch ticking... y'know? I may have made a BIG mistake by purchasing the new camera before the Peru trip. Maybe after my deadline hurdles are leapt by Wednesday... maybe... maybe... maybe...

Here's a pretty girl riding on her daddy's shoulders I captured with my Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens, on the 40D which is no more with us. Again, city living provides so many spontaneous opportunities for street portraits, Still, it'd be good to get out into the countryside again.... The term "cabin fever" is resonating strongly inside of me.

Am I alone with a winter malaise?

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Ángel said...

A great photography friend mine. You must animarte remove to that new camera and “hacerte to her” in the outside, before its trip. It knows that I am thinking about traveling to the plateau of Bolivia and Peru this next month of August?

Warm greetings