Thursday, January 7

Just Ordered New Camera -WHOA!

Did it! Got off the phone just now with B&H Photo in NYC. Bought a Canon EOS 7D digital camera body, a spare battery, two Kingston 8GB ultimate CFCs, and the three year warranty. Affordable thanks to the bucks I got for my faithful EOS 40D and vertical battery pack.

Question.... does anyone else share the thrill of opening a new photographic toy box? Do you hoard your old boxes? Do you get grief for hoarding your old boxes? Do you care about the grief you get for hoarding your old boxes?

At any rate, the thing comes tomorrow... Friday. The weekend weather report for Lancaster County looks chilly but not grim. Maybe... maybe... I'll be able to go out without freezing my pixels off? Sure hope this machine lives up to my expectations.

They are way HIGH!

With this machine I shall only take brilliant pictures. With this machine my artistic work will enjoy a quantum leap forward. With this machine I shall abruptly be discovered by every gallery and museum in the known world (along with some in the unknown world). And with this machine all of those critics who have panned my work will be overcome with an astonishing epiphany.... understanding what I do and discovering a here-to-fore missing brilliance in each new image.

Okay, perhaps my expectations are a tad high. But, a man needs a dream, right?


bikejohn said...


I share your enthusiasm for opening a new photo toy. Camera, lens, flash. It doesn't matter they all make me smile.

I still remember the last time I bought a new camera body (just over a year ago). Clearing off my desk so I could pull out each item from the box and spread them all out. The anticipation while I waited for the battery to charge.

The sound of the mirror and shutter when I finally pressed the magic button!

Ah, I'm happy for you Ted. Enjoy your new camera. I look forward to seeing how it performs in your more than capable hands!

Ted said...

Thanks BJ....

When I was a kid we could save cereal boxtops and then send them away for secret decoder rings, packets of 'rare' stamps and rings that opened to pull out hidden miniature branding irons that we could use with ink pads to stamp our initials onto stuff. And once I saved up forty boxtops and sent another twenty cents to get a purple plastic box about the size of a cigarette pack that buzzed when it was put close to certain kinds of metals while an arrow would jiggle across a meter affixed to its face!

Okay, now we know it as a stud finder, but then it was for boys to seek hidden treasures and probably had the name of some cowboy star on the front. And... and... I couldn't wait for the package to come from Battle Creek (what a magical name) and hounded the mailman. And... and...

How long until my camera comes? Huh? Huh? They said, "Overnight" delivery. But does that mean it will arrive with the sun? Should I get up reeeeeely early?

Yep, there's something childlike to the excitement of waiting for that box...

Gina said...

I look forward to seeing this 'new' magical photography that is to come from your new arrival.

Thanks for my morning smile ... your infectious excitement has me anticipating much on your behalf.


Barry Armer said...

I'm right there with you Ted! My new Canon 5D M2 is due to be delivered tomorrow also! I too have hopes (high hopes but not as high as yours) that the new equipment will push me to the next level of photographic excellence! We'll see!

Good luck Ted!

Anonymous said...

"With this machine I shall..."

Sounds like a marriage ceremony, doesn't it? ROTFLOL!

Ted, thanks so much for a good laugh. Been there, done that - but no matter how many times it's happened before - the excitement and anticipation are still there!

I'm excited because just yesterday I discovered how to get my film clips to play in iMovie - I didn't even know this laptop had iMovie - a star for an icon - well, lol. My clips have no stars in them - yet.

So, Ted, we're all waiting with bated breaths - and are you going to post these images made with your D7 pretty much straight - or are you going to "artsy" them up a tad first?

You know I'm just kidding you! ;)


Anonymous said...

Ted Ted Ted! Come on now! Give us some "eye candy" from that new "toy" of yours!

Pretty please? :)

Flo who's waiting rather a bit impatiently - I sort of feel almost like you say you did while awaiting delivery of your new camera!