Sunday, January 17

Farmacia - Rome

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I was walking one night through Rome just as a storm rolled past. Only a half block away the traffic wizzed and honked. Unlike New York, nearby to high intensity Roman streets nestle eddies of peace. It's as if the city closes up in spots yet continues to thrum only meters away.

What's up with that, huh?

Geek Stuff

Took this with my 20D. Processed it first in PS/CS4 where I cropped it, reset the dynamic range and applied parts of several different Topaz filters to restructure the texture. I also re-crafted the palette. Then after sharpening the picture I applied a Snap3 filter (oil). Then once again I applied a series of curve layers and masked in the new ranges to again redefine the dynamics and I used a series of PS brushes to mask in the various curve layers and to create new brush strokes.

Oh yeah... sorry... I also used the PS perspective tool early on to rearrange some of the vertical and horizontal angles to create a structural flow to direct everything toward the cross. Um, maybe some small additional iterations. Okay... okay... here's the original - see if you can spot them.

This is all about atmosphere and mood. I see it framed large on the wall of an elegant room to compliment an expensive modern European mood.


Ángel said...

Un procesado sensacional. Bravo!! el resultado es francamente bueno
Cordiales saludos

Bill Birtch said...

Gotta be honest here Ted. When I saw the thumbnail I didn't think I was going to like this one. Too red and greeny, too much like Christmas and that's all over and done with so let's move on. But then, I thought, "No, this is Ted, better check it out so I did the 'Click Here' thing and man am I glad I did." I love it. You gotta print this one - big - and hang it on that wall in an elegant room somewhere. Way to go Ted.

J. L. T. said...

Heyho, what Bill said was my first thought. But it is way good, and yes, print it b.i.g. Sunny greetings!
b.t.w. it reminds me on a story years ago in Brazil:-)