Sunday, August 9

Potter County #5: Sunrise Over Clara

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Until digital, photographers were taught to seek and find. All other artists were taught to express what they thought and felt. Photographers pared down what they found, while the rest of the art world built up what they imagined. For the photographer to succeed s/he had to apply imagination to re-work a discovered object or moment. S/he created by eliminating while all other artists created by … well… creating.

Here's a sunrise over the second pond at the Potter County hunting camp I've been discussing since my visit last weekend. Now about that sunrise that's "over" Potter County... the point is: well I felt it crackling through the leaves and pouring itself down onto the shrubs, mists, and glades. And here's how I felt it.
PreProcessing: No surprise that I continued to shoot through my Canon 40D's EFS 17-85mm (f4-5.6). PostProcessing: Here we see the power of AlienSkin's SnapArt water color brushing's robust ability to interrelate with Topaz filters. Of course I enhanced the red scale of the sky throughout the shrubbery's highlights. It seemed to me to be a study in early morning textures.

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Stephen said...

I like this one Ted, it just has a nice feel to it that makes one wonder what lies beyond.
Mystery is the word.