Sunday, August 16

Fisher's Bench

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You know: There's a really big difference between showing a moment, and revealing its quality and character. I'm convinced that technique is what cranks volume into an artist's voice... Right? Technique lets me dig out the feelings I want to communicate with you. It's reassuring to know how many tools we have in our bag now. How much volume we're able to build up.

PreProcessing The hunting camp up in Potter County has a couple of stocked trout ponds. Here's one I like that looked wonderful through my Canon 40D. PostProcessng The tone mapping was done in PhotoShop CS4 with the help of Topaz where I imagined the mist. Then I used AlienSkin's Snap Art's water color tools to tease out some golden grit.


Haven't done this for a while, but given how much effort this image took... thought you'd enjoy seeing the original I stitched together from four shots into a panorama. Enjoy....


Bill Birtch said...

Magical. I'm thinkin' there be faeries thereabouts.

Andreas said...

WOW!!! Absolutely impossible :)

And: I wouldn't even have started on that image. For me it's unbelievable how you conjure up these images from pure imagination. I would have failed to even remotely imagine the result, not to mention that even if, I would have failed executing it. Great stuff.

Btw, I recently got a comment on Fine Art Photoblog, lecturing me to "shoot more realistically". So, maybe you could also get "more good" if you followed his advice :)

Ted said...

(Bill) Faeries? Wonderful allusion Bill. Have you ever noticed that when the calendar's hands point to half-past Summer, our feelings turn to fireflies, fields, and misty specters in mysterious light? Thanks for the support Bill. I think this is one of my favorite summer captures.

(Andreas) I think a difference between a craftsperson and an artist is that the craftsperson knows how to make a delicious cheesecake, and does - every time. The artist may start out with cheesecake on the mind, but is delighted to discover in the process that what wants to happen isn't cheesecake at all - Maybe lemon pie? Maybe pastrami on rye? Maybe pastrami cheesecake?

And yes, perhaps you should shoot more "realistically".
That way, instead of creating art you would be creating plumbing. Uh-huh, the world needs good plumbers, and school portrait-takers. It also needs artists who can imagine pastrami cheesecake. Artists who authentically communicate what should or could be, as opposed to what is.

Eric said...

Really wonderful results Ted! I am grateful to see the work done and I always find inspiration in seeing the pure imagination at work. I just feel excited to work a bit harder after seeing one of these posts.