Sunday, August 23


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My friend Steven Issell was brave enough to use AlienSkin''s SnapArt on his own picture. and people have griped about the avatar I'm widely using. Sooooo.... Today I stood in front of a window, held out my Canon G10 and snapped this picture of me. Then I carefully applied the impasto option that SnapArt offers taking care to make me look as good as the basic material will allow. After all, I own the blog right? So here's the result... And I'm holding AlienSkin totally responsible for making me look like that. Pity you can't see the canvas effect, and the depth of the paint. It's cool to see the effect even on such a familiar face.


No virgin images or gear stuff this time. Whatcha see is what I got through the G10. Nice that it has 14.5 Mpxs though, they really allow the filter to function and hold onto max sharpness.


Stephen said...

You know Ted, I've never liked photos of my self let alone actually taking them.
The more I have done it the more I'm starting to except what other people see.

That is, a gentle fun loving grumpy old man with a wicked turn of sarcasm built in.

You look full of concentration as if to say, "If I have to do this then hurry up, I have more important things to do."

I've been having a look at Topaz and starting to see where you get some of those looks into your images that to date I have not been able to achieve.
I think Topaz and Alien Skin are a good team, along with PS as the hub where all things return.

Now to get down to the shops for some ingredients for a lasagna, then to post my latest portrait.

Keep up the good work Ted as I often pop in to make sure that you are not slipping away from me.

Barry Armer said...

Nice self-portrait Ted but I don't think you should use it to replace your current avatar! This shot needs to be viewed large to appreciate! Avatar sized it looks blotchy IMO.


Andreas said...

Actually one of the best avatars I've ever seen - from anyone - was your square with the hand in foreground. It had a clear, bold composition, that was clearly recognizable and obviously yours, even at those small sizes. And: why change avatars at all?